hotel-pracharna-olomouc-historie“The old gunpowder store”

Prachárna history dates back to 1843 when it was built as a warehouse for gunpowder redoubt Šibeniční hill in Křelov. (Today Fort Křelov XVII). Olomouc had a total of 23 such forts and their function was to defend the city from enemy attacks. Gunpowder was stored during the war in the bunkers, but in peacetime it was necessary to eliminate dust at a secluded place where he made his eventual explosion minimize damage. For this reason, they began to build a special supply and storage facilities away from the city called “Peace powder magazine”. The original building Křelovská powder mill is one of the few preserved to this day – in the form of reconstructed with the preservation of historic architectural elements. Along with Pracharna was built guardhouse and powder mill (now a roadhouse Pracharna). Around the building is located now defunct surrounding wall. The powder mill was stored until 3000 hundredweight (168 tons) of black gunpowder. For example – according to experts, it would prove so much because of the pressure wave and the domino effect raze the entire center of Olomouc.